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Latest News

02-Feb-2019 10:55
Electroneum iOS App iPhone Launched - MESSAGE FROM RICHARD ELLS - FOUNDER & CEO
Hi Everyone!   Firstly, as this is our first email update of 2019 a belated Happy New Year to you all! 2019 is going to be a very exciting year for Electroneum.   There’s a few things I’d like to cover, but let’s start with that headline!    YES! The free Electroneum App is now available on iOS and can be installed right now on your iPhone (if have one!!) from the Apple Store.   You can CLOUD MINE some ETN every day from your iPhone!   For those who have... 
01-Feb-2019 11:08
Hello ETNads Team,We are almost ready to go but we are getting a lot of last seconds funding request and we would like to beable to help so here is what we are going to do....We will keep members area open to allow you to fund your account until 12:00 (Noon) that point wewill begin the manual activation process. We will inform you once we are done with activation.QUICK NOTES- Free members will lose all personal referrals- Only paid members will be able to recruit- You may transfer funds to your referrals before we shut down at noon.It is testimonials like this that d... 
25-Jan-2019 11:46
ETNads Update
First and foremost, we want to extend a huge WELCOME to allthe new members who have become a part of our growing networkof future Millionaires.We are on to a great start, growing slowly but steadily, and we wouldlike to encourage every Member to share this opportunity with at leastTWO others as soon as possible.Our official Launch date, Feb. 1,2019, is fast approaching and we wantevery Member to be in position, not only to earn Matrix commissionsbut also Matrix Match Bonus income.ABOUT THE MATRIX MATCH BONUS:-  Your unlimited ETN Generator!Have you taken a close look at the potential i... 
21-Jan-2019 13:58
ELECTRONEUM (ETN) Is Trending - Imagine The Possibilities in 2019 & Beyond!
Thank you for being a part of our Pre-Launch Team.As we have seen lately, many notable Crypto Experts have ELECTRONEUM at the top of the List of Cryptos to watch in 2019.. Currently ETN is at $0.0074536 and trending upward. Can you imagine ETN value reaching $0.50 or even $1.00 in 2019?What would it be like if at that time you were the owner of hundredsof thousands of ETN that you have acquired by being a part of anAffiliate Plan that allows you to acquire UNLIMITED ETN?Millionaires will be created out of those who own ETN now!!While Mining & Trading are good options... 
19-Jan-2019 12:07
ETNads Update - 01-19-2019
We want to thank you for joining ETNads with our 'early positioning' offer.Our pre-launch is officially on beta and you have the opportunity to be one  of our Founding Members.ETNads launches and Electroneum UP 20%...we wish :-)Well, half is true and ETN did go up 20% today and the timing could not  have been any better... Watch video: ETN MILLIONAIRES - COMING SOONSuccess Always!     

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