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Classified ads Advertise anything based on location Classified ads for cars, jobs, real estate, and everything else Click here
Classified ads Advertise anything based on location Classified ads for cars, jobs, real estate, and everything else Click here

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Accept Ad Payments w/ IO AdsPremium Listing
03-Feb-2019 00:32
Location: USA
Posted by: Charles Mack
You are about to get access to place ads in IO Ads resale adspace and access to IO Ads adspace master resale rights right now that you can use to advertise your products and services and resale on your own.

Go to IO Ads

You might be thinking "I can get that anywhere".

If you are here your probably looking for a ways to make money online and take payments online.

You may not want to deal with months of learning Html Php setting up hosting for your own site or paypal setup.

How would you like to get access to a platform that you can advertise on and resale and on top of that get access to a page that does both, and when they buy it you get paid to your wallet that's right from them to you from their wallet to your wallet user to user. I have set up this system I have seen nobody do it. You get access you place your ad and or buy adspace for pennies on the dollar and you get access to a page where you can sell adspace while advertising your product. Send people to your page because your payment details will be embedded in the page you will have the resale rights you will get paid. It happens in seconds as soon as you make your payment your ad will be posted and you can resale adspace no technical skills all you need is wallet either BTC,LTC,BCH,BSV,DASH,DOGE,REDD,FTC,VTC,PPC,MUE,UNIT and a gourl account. I'm about to go into how this is so simple, you get these benefits you get to advertise your product, you get payments when someone visits your ad and buys adspace from .10 to 1,000,000, you can sale it over over over over again you get resale licence you get a copy of our web-page with your payment information in it. When someone comes on the site they see your ad and pays you it will automatically be added to your wallet and notify you by email if you have it setup. Setup your affiliate account and get paid .5% on all adspace resold that was purchased through you. No dealing with paypal from user to user.

Get this right away you can start now getting payments from people you know, people you don't even know, from other advertising sites, buying solo ads, buying traffic, sending people to your page don't sit on this.

Start getting payments all around the world from users with either BTC,LTC,BCH,BSV,DASH,DOGE,REDD,FTC,VTC,PPC,MUE,UNIT wallets ETN Comming soon!

This system is super easy.

I had this Idea tested it. It worked like a charm.

This is one of my many systems coming out.

IO Ads

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